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Product Description

1. What is Grainlive?

Grainlive is a complete, all-in-one meal that combines the goodness of all-natural flavour with a unique blend of natural ingredients: 20 types of multi-grains, 21 types of mixed fruits & vegetables, as well as 19 types of vitamins and minerals. Rich, creamy, nutritious and amazingly delicious, Grainlive is specially designed for you and your family to fill in the daily nutritional gap. It comes with 5 delicious and assorted flavours: Chocolate, Coffee, Avocado, Milk Tea, Beetroot


2. How should I prepare this beverage?

Mix 2 scoops of powder with 150-200ml of lukewarm water using the small scoop provided. Alternatively, you can mix the product with juices, smoothies, or other beverages of your choice. You can also add in ice cubes for chilled option.


3. Who is recommended to take this product?

Grainlive is recommended to on-the-go adults, housewives, pregnant & breastfeeding moms, overweight/obese individual, fasting or those who wants to lose weight, individual with 3-highs, elderly, growing children & teenagers, individual who needs extra nutrition and energy boost, individual who has constipation.


4. Can Grainlive be used as a meal replacement?

Yes. It is specially formulated by our R&D team by referring to the Malaysian Food Pyramid and Healthy Diet Guidelines from WHO which comprises good ratio of carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Plus, it is low in calories, making it a healthy meal replacement for you and your family.

How to take Grainlive for weight loss purpose?

Replace your breakfast with Grainlive. If you wish for a more effective weight lose purpose, you may replace your breakfast & dinner with Grainlive, and incorporate a nutrition-balanced lunch.


5. How does Grainlive help to lose weight?

Grainlive is formulated to help you lose weight in few ways:

  1. Helps to cut down unnecessary calorie intake when you take it as meal replacement to replace a high-calorie meal.
  2. Added with multi-grains - complex carbohydrates which release glucose gradually into bloodstream, thus help to prolong satiety and delay the onset of hunger
  3. Promote fat-burning and speed up metabolism, as well as promote the conversion of fat into energy
  4. Reduce water retention, help to eliminate edema and promote weight loss


6. Will this product make me put on weight?

No. One serving of Grainlive has only 113-123 calories, thus it will cause you to put on weight. Grainlive can be taken as meal replacement to replace your unhealthy breakfast. This can help to reduce unnecessary calories intake, promote fat burning for energy, suppress appetite, and reduce water retention, aiding in managing your body weight.


7. Will my weight rebound after stop taking this product?

Preserving your muscle mass is key to preventing weight rebound as muscles are one of the factors that affect metabolism and calorie-burning rate. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn. Grainlive is packed with ingredients & nutrients that help to preserve and build muscle mass, such as soy protein, vitamin D & zinc. Thus, discontinuing the use of this product will not lead to weight rebound.


8. Can pregnant woman take Grainlive?

Yes. Grainlive is packed with essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, folic acid and iron, which are necessary to support the baby's growth and development. Additionally, it provides sustainable energy to support you throughout your pregnancy. We suggest taking it twice a day as part of your healthy diet to meet your increased calorie and nutritional requirements.


9. Can breastfeeding woman take Grainlive?

Yes. Grainlive is rich in essential nutrients such as calcium, protein, folic acid and iron, which can help to produce nutrient-dense breastmilk. Its fibre content can also help you feel full longer, aid in digestion and promote postpartum weight loss. We suggest taking it twice a day as part of your healthy diet to meet your increased calorie and nutritional requirements.


10. Can my kids take Grainlive?

Yes. Kids require an adequate amounts of nutrients to support their growth & development, especially considering their unhealthy eating and picky eating habits. By consuming one serving of Grainlive a day, they will be getting essential nutrients including protein, vitamin Bs, calcium, iron & zinc. This helps to fill in the nutritional gap in their daily diet.


11. I'm a vegetarian, can I take Grainlive?

We have 3 flavours that are suitable for vegans - Chocolate, Avocado & Beetroot. Coffee & Milk Tea flavours are added with skimmed milk, however it is suitable for lacto-vegetarian who takes dairy products.


12. Does Grainlive contain added augar? Is the sugar content high?

Please note that Grainlive is not added with white sugar. The sugar content in Grainlive comes from the natural ingredients, including multi-grains, fruits and vegetables extract. The sugar content of Grainlive is low, each serving contains less than 10g sugar. In comparison, the sugar content of Grainlive is relatively lower than that of one medium apple, which has 19g of sugar, whereas one serving of Grainlive:

  • Grainlive Chocolate flavour: 9.7g per serve (equivalent to half of a medium apple)
  • Grainlive Coffee flavour: 7.7g per serve (equivalent to 2/5 of a medium apple)
  • Grainlive Avocado flavour: 4.9g per serve (equivalent to 1/4 of a medium apple)
  • Grainlive Milk Tea flavour: 4.5g per serve (equivalent to 1/4 of a medium apple)
  • Grainlive Beetroot flavour: 4.5g per serve (equivalent to 1/4 of a medium apple)


13. I am a 3-highs patient, can I take this product?

Yes. Grainlive is not only a healthy and nutritious meal, it is also beneficial for 3-highs patients by regulating blood sugar & cholesterol level, reducing blood lipid and promoting cardiovascular health.


14. Can diabetic take this product?

Calorie control, food intake and weight loss are important aspects of blood sugar management. Grainlive is low in calories, replacing one to two meals a day with Grainlive may help you to lose weight. It is also low in sugar content, does not has added sugar, rich in fibre, which releases sugar slowly, thus helps to stabilize and prevent sudden spike.
For diabetic patient, we recommend you to take Beetroot flavour and/or Avocado flavour.


15. My uric acid reading is high, can I take this product?

Yes. The soy in Grainlive has had its skin peeled, making it low purines and safe for individuals wth high uric acid levels. In addition, a healthy, balanced diet as well as reduced calories intake may help to lower down uric acid levels and reduce the chance of future gout attacks. Including one serving of Grainlive as part of your daily healthy diet is a good option.

Note: We advise you to consult your doctor if your uric acid reading is high.